Nord (with Dynamic Theming)

Nord Themed Spotify

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Nord Screenshots

Library X

Nord supports Library X from 1.2.9 to latest Spotify


Auto Expand Library X


Immersive View on Library X



Stock UI

Nord supports Stock UI from 1.1.93 to latest Spotify

old ui home

old ui

Nord’s Own Dynamic Theme Engine






Save Any Dynamic Theme to your Theme Library

Click to Watch Demo Video

Useful Snippets


Nord vs Marketplace’s Dynamic Themes

Nord’s Dynamic Theme (Better) Marketplace’s Dynamic Theme
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6

How to Reposition Banner ?

  1. Scroll on Player to Reposition banner

  2. Right click on Player to Reset banner Position

  3. Hold ~ to Zoom Out Banner to see full view

Click to Watch Demo Video

Custom Fonts

Custom Fonts Preview

Custom Fonts (Local Install Method)

Step 1 : Just install the Font you like in your PC

Step 2 : Then Type the Font name in Font Name box in Nord and click save. (No need to fill Font URL leave it empty)

Custom Fonts (Remote Method)

You can use custom fonts in Nord remotely. Google Fonts are Recommended

Step 1 : Choose a font and click the plus button at styles section at the end

plus button

Step 2 : Go to selected families and select @import Check Box

selected family

Step 3 : Then Copy that URL and paste that in Font URL box in Nord

font url

Step 4 : Then Copy that Font Name and paste that in Font Name box in Nord and click save

font name

Install Theme

Step 1 : Follow Spicetify Marketplace Installation guide and install Marketplace.

Step 2 : Open Spotify App -> Marketplace -> Themes

Step 3 : Search Nord and click install buttton. Done!

Windows Powershell

iwr -useb | iex


curl -fsSL | sh

Uninstall Scripts

Windows Powershell

iwr -useb | iex


curl -fsSL | sh

Install Manually

Copy Nord Folder to your Themes folder

Then run the following command to apply the theme:

spicetify config current_theme Nord color_scheme Spotify
spicetify apply

Uninstall Manually

spicetify config current_theme " " color_scheme " "
spicetify apply


Dynamic Theming made Possible with chroma.js


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